“A team of women who unite for a larger goal can achieve the impossible again and again.” – Abby Wambach (Wolfpack).

  1. Mastercard Golden Lions Women’s Senior Team:
The Mastercard Golden Lions Women were crowned Champions of the 2021 SARU 1st Division Women’s League and promoted to the Premiere Division for 2022 / 2023. Bravo!

2. Women’s Rugby Roundup:

An historic 16 week show on SABC2 dedicated to women’s grassroots rugby providing a weekly platform to promote the women’s game, showcase the exciting rugby played and introduce the extraordinary women and girls playing the game to new fans, changing perception, hearts and minds about the fastest growing sport in the world.

WRR Episode 1

WRR Episode 16

3. Mastercard Women’s Pirates Grand Challenge:

Club Tournament Final:

We met the Pirates Women’s Rugby Team in 2019 during a Mastercard Priceless Surprise. And so began our journey together.

Looking back, looking forward.  

Empowerment & Inclusion

Empowering Women

Women’s Rugby Masterclass Series: Core Skills:

13 part coaching masterclass specifically created for women and girls.

Episode 6: Acceleration, Deceleration & Speed with special guest Bryan Habana.

A Surprise Announcement: Two grassroots rugby trailblazers revealed as global brand ambassadors.

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