Visa Financial Literacy Programme

In 2005, Visa tasked us with creating a meaningful financial literacy campaign for South African consumers that would not only educate, but also result in changed financial behaviour, leaving audiences more empowered and more secure about their financial management in fast-changing payments environment.

The Power Of A Story

To deliver fairly complex, abstract concepts to a financially inexperienced audience, we chose to use the age-old art of story-telling.  We developed an “edutainment” roadshow based around authentic human experiences.

Over a 10 year period it was rolled out across 8 countries with 23 of Visa’s key stakeholders, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Post-performance feedback revealed an average 87% key message retention and a 91% score for entertainment value.

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2012: Off to the Land of a Thousand Hills

A highlight was the adaptation and implementation for Rwanda. For the first time Rwandans were to have access to basic banking services. An estimated 87% of the people had no exposure to banking services, and many had never seen an ATM, never mind used one. Visa needed to deliver a multi-faceted financial education initiative, so we carefully adapted the Visa financial literacy story to reflect Rwandan culture, their authentic stories, all in Kinyarwanda.

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To deliver greater reach and frequency to embed the key messaging, the theatre show was developed into a radio mini-series drama which was aired weekly on Radio Rwanda, linked to a listener competition.

The radio drama was repurposed for distribution on CD and thumb drives for long-distance taxi drivers, with each of the mini-series episodes separated by popular local music. The entire campaign was a major success.

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